Our Mission

Strive2Thrive Edu aids people in marginalized and underserved communities through education, eliminating poverty, and community development. We strive to help others that have similar goals and visions to ours to lay the foundations for a brighter tomorrow.


The Need

Approximately 200 Million Children Around The World Do Not Have Proper Access To Education.

That is 200 million too many. Join us on our mission to decrease this number. Together we can help thousands to millions of children gain access to education, ignite passions, and give hope for a brighter future!


Here Is How It Works

Our goal is to strengthen educational systems and empower
the less fortunate in underserved communities around the world.

Through the impact of your generous support through can build
brighter futures for all!

Our Impact


Value of Services and Supplies Provided​


Youth Impacted


Volunteers Around the World


Global Partners​


Countries Served

United Nations Sustainable Development
Goals (UN SDG) Alignment:

We proudly align our projects with 8 UN SDG goals to improve the lives of thousands of people around
the world. Each of our projects uses one of more of the UN SDGs to work towards solving the unique problems we encounter.