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Country Profile

Vietnam is a country of rich cultural heritage, encompassing many groups of people from different geographical regions. Agriculture has dictated the culture and history of the country and region. Family values are heavily emphasized throughout the culture while incorporating ties of spiritualism and humanism. Stories and literature have been passed down from generation to generation, with some of the oldest stories in recorded human history. Folk literature and poetry are very respected forms of literature in the country. Vietnamese cuisine has rapidly grown throughout history, taking certain aspects from many cultures while keeping their unique tastes still apparent. The traditions and celebrations of Vietnam are influenced by its cultural emphasis on spiritualism. The colors and music used are symbolic and represent different aspects of the culture.

Vietnam is a vast country, with almost a hundred million people living in the country. The country’s cultural history is accompanied by the darker side of the story. Vietnam has faced devastating wars and has a poor human rights record. These problems have led to poverty and inadequate social welfare for all people throughout the country. The country has made strides in providing free education for all children. However, many families still struggle to pay for their children’s education and tuition. Small-scale corruption is also an issue in the country. Many times the benefits of the residents are given less value over money.

Our Service

UN Sustainable Development Goal: 

Strive2Thrive Edu is happy to cover four of the UN’s sustainable development goals for Project Vietnam. The first goal that we focus on is goal four, which relates to quality education. We work with rural school ministries to improve and implement English classes for underprivileged students, as well as to help the teachers there improve their English classes. The second goal that we focus on is goal number five, which relates to gender equality. The dropout rate for Vietnam is historically high; especially for girls. Seeing this as a problem, Strive2Thrive Edu has created a program specifically for girls who are more prone to drop out of school, where we provide the necessary tools and personalized lessons. The third goal that we focus on is reduced inequalities. Along with gender equality, Strive2Thrive Edu focuses on providing education for everybody no matter their socioeconomic status. By providing education in the smaller areas of Vietnam rather than the cities, we give children of small areas opportunities to make a difference of their own in the world. The fourth goal that we focus on is goal 17, which relates to forming partnerships. Strive2Thrive Edu has partnered with local rural school ministries to provide their children with education, as well as the teachers with help with their own English classes.