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Project USA

Our nonprofit, Strive2Thrive Edu, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, strives to give back to the local community. We have programs that benefit children of all ages, K-12, and give them access to high-quality online tutoring. 

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, we strive to provide education to children who do not have access to it. This crisis has left millions of children around the country with no educational opportunities, which is why we want to provide these free programs during these uncertain times. We host various initiatives throughout the year to support our community. 

Project Ghana

Many students in Ghana do not have proper access to educational resources and often times have to pay large amounts of money to attend good schools and to get private tutoring. In Ghana, we are working with the students to give them access to standard education and tutoring. We have had many successful lessons from topics ranging from English and mathematics to photography and  psychology.  Our students are so engaged and look forward to their lessons!


Project India

Strive2Thrive Edu is happy to be teaching children in India. In Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Harryana we are giving orphaned children quality online tuition. Unfortunately, many of these children cannot afford to go to school and are living in quite poor conditions. We strive to provide them with proper educational resources and other essentials. While in Kerala, we are providing classes to children that they otherwise do not have access to. Oftentimes, in these areas children are taught in a very old fashion where memorization is key. We try to give these children more knowledge on transferable skills and teach them things they can use to help them in real life. 

Project Tanzania

Our Strive2Thrive Edu tutors are tutoring children from an orphanage and school in Tanzania. These children have very friendly and outgoing personalities. Upon answering a question correctly, the student and tutors dance and sing a short song to express their excitement. These kids are very excited to learn English and other subjects. Many of them want to be doctors, engineers, and many other respectable professions. This is why we are so proud to be providing them this opportunity so they have the education to do whatever their heart desires in the future.

Project Uganda

Strive2Thrive Edu’s first international project is in Uganda! Here we are working with underprivileged orphans to provide them with access to free quality education.

The orphans like learning about English and mathematics, and often giggle at our American accents! These orphans live in fairly poor conditions, many of them do not have a bed to sleep on at night, no proper access to educational resources, and lack of essential materials like food and clothing. Strive2Thrive Edu works to provide these materials to the orphans so that they have a better state of well being and grow out of the cycle of poverty!

Project Rwanda

We are working with an amazing organization in Rwanda to help children in underserved communities gain access to quality online education. Some of these children have special conditions but are very engaged with our English lessons and eager to learn. Our classes have helped the students learn better English skills that they can use in conversation and apply it to real life. In Rwanda, our aim to help these students be able to apply the knowledge of English skills learned in the classroom and apply it to real life. Unfortunately, many of our older students were not able to gain full access to education during their time in school so Strive2Thrive Edu does its best to teach things that would be relevant to them, such as financial literacy.

Project Myanmar

In Myanmar, Strive2Thrive Edu is working closely with students who do not conventionally have access to education. The students learned and developed English skills such as confidence, daily conversation skills, and new vocabularies. We are teaching them phonetics, confidence, tone of voice, and many other topics to overall improve their English. Many of students aspire to come to the U.S to study at a university. So, we are helping these students prepare for international exams like the TOFEL and SAT. For younger children, some of them do not have the privilege of attending school regularly due to various constraints and we try our best to provide supplemental education so that they can continue to learn!

Project Nicaragua

Strive2Thrive Edu is working with a center in Nicaragua to tutor kids that were orphaned or have had traumatic experiences. Our tutors actively work to improve their social skills and build their confidence up again. Strive2Thrive Edu values how education can change lives for the better which is why we are working with these students. They often answer and ask questions, participate in discussions, and much more. We can see how much they have improved in confidence and language skills. Our goal is for these children to overcome their past experiences are use education to empower themselves and others in the future. 

Project Zimbabwe

Strive2Thrive Edu is working with youth in Zimbabwe. We are working with school children that have difficulty in accessing education by teaching teach them math, science, and many other topics that they enjoy. Various factors inhibit these children from getting full access to their educations, such as drop out rates, crime, and distance from school, etc. However, we try our best to help these children overcome these factors by bringing education to them. The students are always so excited and looking forward to the upcoming sessions. At Strive2Thrive, we are so happy to have so many engaged, and passionate students!


Project Vietnam

Strive2Thrive Edu’s tutors have worked closely with youths in Vietnam across the country. We love to see their improvements in fields such as math, English and many other subjects we teach there. We are helping children in a remote area close to the border of China where historically there has been a high drop out rates of children, especially girls. We help these children stay in school by making learning more engaging and paying more attention to the individual student. We are also helping a rural school gain access to quality instruction. We are currently providing extra academic support to students who come from poorer families, at risk of dropping out, and are struggling in school. We love to see children from different backgrounds and cultures engaging and enjoying our tutoring sessions.

Project Indonesia

Strive2Thrive Edu volunteers are working with an orphanage in Bali, Indonesia, to give them access to education during the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has led the orphans to be deprived of education during these last few months. However, Strive2Thrive Edu is working towards providing them with access to online education. We have been teaching them Math, English, and more services. The children are very engaged and happy in their lessons and laugh constantly among their peers. Strive2Thrive Edu has been teaching them English skills and basic English vocabulary to improve their communication skills. By the end of the lesson, they were reciting English phonetics and vocabulary with ease!