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Health and Hygene

In rural countries, access to health education is severely limited. This causes these families to be more at risk than other people around the world. Many children and families do not know the essentials of being safe and healthy. During this dangerous time with COVID-19, this is more than essential. Strive2Thrive Edu is developing this needed program to improve the health of many families around the world. We are teaching them how to say safe and healthy, keep good hygiene, how germs work, and the basic world of microbiology.

Leadership and Empowerment

Strive2Thrive Edu values how all humans should be treated equally and have equal access to education. Throughout the world, a gap is forming between women and education. Strive2Thrive Edu is attempting to bridge this gap by empowering women and underrepresented populations around the world.

Business Skills

In the real world, business and finance are essential skills for personal development and survival. Children must have a solid foundation on how to understand money, the business world, and the global economy. Our tutors are accomplished in many business skills such as business management, economics, marketing, personal finance, Word, Excel, etc.

SAT Prep

All our tutors are carefully verified to have achieved above a score of 14000. Your child will learn the basics of the test up to advanced personalized preparation for each subject. We change up the teaching style for each of our students to guarantee the best results.


Strive 2 Thrive Edu has added a chess program. In it, economically disadvantaged families and children of essential workers can receive 100% free virtual chess lessons from some of the top high school chess players in the nation. Students of the chess program will be taught by experienced chess players who have USCF ratings in highly personalized group lessons.


Our math program consists of many high-level students that perform at the top of their classes in school and excel in many prestigious national- level mathematical competitions. We offer tutoring in courses from basic arithmetic to even calculus.


Our English program consists of tutors that have excelled in their high school level courses. We teach kids just beginning to learn English to even ones who wish to learn high-level reading and writing skills.


Science is the focus of the future. Teaching children science can teach them curiosity, logic, scientific thinking, and hard work. Improving their fundamentals of science early on can serve as the basis of their future scientific success. We offer tutoring in any science subject, and also extracurricular activities such as Science Olympiad. We offer numerous subjects in science including but not limited to Biology, Earth and Environmental Science.

Public Speaking

Our tutors in public speaking have excelled in public speaking courses, won numerous speech and debate tournaments, and/or have participated in speech and debate events. Therefore they are well equipped to teach young students how to as well. We teach how to write moving speeches to even logical arguing.


Our photography course is taught by professional photographers, who know all about how a camera works and how to take stunning pictures. Our tutors can teach basic smartphone camera photography to even advanced Digital SLR photography.

World Languages

We teach world languages to make sure your child can say that he is bilingual. We teach a wide variety of languages. Options range from Latin to even French. We also teach Indian languages such as Hindi and many others.
– French
– Spanish
– Hindi
– English
– Many More

Music Theory

Have you ever been confused by looking at a piece of music? This is your chance to learn how during this break. Our tutors will teach you the basic aspects of music theory. Music is a medium in which one enters a whole new world where all that matters is learning. Music is clinically helpful in reducing stress and other tension. It is one way to get your mind off the crazy aspects of life today. Throughout your lessons, you will learn the art of reading and producing sheet music. We will cover interpretations, history, and the production of music. Understanding the basics of music is the first step to become a master musician.

Computer Science/Engineering

Computer Science/Engineering is a key skill for future generations to learn as it is truly going to continue to transform every industry of the economy. So, why not get them started early? The whole world has changed to a society that focuses on the importance of technology. Starting early can benefit a child by preparing them into the field early so that they will be able to excel and adapt to changes and innovations in technology, later on in life, in a positive manner.

Art Classes

In this class, students will be immersed in fun and engaging art classes where they will learn and develop their skills of drawing and painting. All art classes will be taught by a tutor who has multiple years of experience. Students may also have the opportunity to experience different cultures with our international students.

Drafting (Architecture)

As our society progresses into more advanced times, so do our buildings. This is why architecture and drafting are increasingly becoming a booming field. Drafting is a way for your child to learn to use advanced 3D modeling and design techniques from certified AutoCAD instructors.


Throughout history, finance has increasingly become more confusing from personal finance to commercial finance. This is why learning finance at an early age is crucial for financial success later in the future. Students will engage in projects immersing them in the world of stocks, money market, banking, personal finance, and many other skills they will need later in life.

Book Club

As many writers say, developing an early fondness for reading and writing is useful. Learning how to read and understand complex ideas is easier when you are in a group setting. This is why book clubs are so useful for kids. Kids in groups contribute to others their understanding of complex ideas which will help them tackle reading higher-level books by themselves. This book club will immerse them in all types of books from scientific nonfiction to cultural fiction.


As more high schools recognize AP’s, middle schoolers must be ready to face the challenges associated with the course. AP’s are courses that have rigorous testing, homework, projects, and assignments. This is why your student should be accustomed to AP’s before they take one!


Does your child need help with his high school AP? We can teach classes from AP Calculus AB and BC, AP Psychology, AP World History, AP Biology, and many more. Our highly qualified tutors help students with testing concepts, homework, and tough projects.

Medical Literacy

Medical Literacy is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy life. Medical literacy is an important skill to have in all aspects of life to not only help yourself but to help others. If you have ever wanted to learn how to read complex health articles, stories, or even learn about the life of a doctor, this class is perfect for you.

Mental Wellness

This year COVID-19 has ruined social, academic, and plans for the year. Students are not able to go to school and get the full experience of their school environment. As well as being at home, students sometimes forget about themselves and their mental healths. Strive2Thrive Edu's mental wellness classes can allow students to learn ways to take a step back and focus on their wellbeing.

Leadership and Empowerment for Under-Represented Minorities

Throughout the world, under-represented minorities are statistically not given the same leadership and academic opportunities as their peers. Strive2Thrive Edu plans to change this by offering under-represented minorities the chance to learn how to be an effective leader and empower them for their future. By providing them with leadership lessons and empowering them for their future, Strive2Thrive Edu gives every student a chance at success.