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Project in Paraguay

About Paraguay

Paraguay is a landlocked country in Central South America, where rivers and agriculture play a big role in the economy.  Rivers in Paraguay provide easy access to the Atlantic Ocean, which allows for large hydroelectric power plants. Since agriculture also plays a large role in Paraguay’s economy, Paraguay is also known as a large exporter of Soybeans.

In Paraguay, basic education is free for all children, and is even required for children of ages seven to thirteen. Though Paraguay’s school enrollment rates are high, the dropout rates from these schools are also quite high. Because of this, only 9/10 of the population of Paraguay is literate. Though this does not seem concerning, Paraguay’s population is almost 7 million, which means that around 700,000 people in Paraguay are not literate. Clearly, many children in Paraguay, especially the children who live in the rural areas, are not getting the right education and there are a shortage of schools and teachers for them to go to.

What We're Doing

English is an important language to know, especially in today’s world. Many students all around the world do not have the proper English skills they need for effective communication in the real world. Because of this, we at Strive2Thrive Edu are working with a learning center in Paraguay to teach students the English skills, along with business and communication skills that everybody needs in today’s world. These students that we are teaching do not have access to proper schooling, so they rely on our tutors to provide that for them. When it’s time for the class to start, these students gather at a learning center and they love to talk to the tutors.