Asset Based Community Development

Our Theory of Change recognizes that quality education needs to be tailored and relevant to the variety of educational contexts we work in.

This model guides our implementation and supports us to monitor the effectiveness of our education programmed, and remain dynamic in acting on constant feedback from key stakeholders in the field.

Through the provision of educational content, technology and teacher training, we can ensure our impact is far-reaching and provides a holistic approach to supporting the teachers and children we work with.

Improve Academic Engagement of Disadvantaged Children Worldwide

Relevant Quality Educational Content

Our work starts with finding communities in need of help. These include urban settlements, rural communities, orphanages, old age homes, etc.

Equitable access to educational technology

Needs assessments are conducted in partnership with the local leaders. Identifying felt needs is a key component of ensuring community ownership.

Global Support Embedded in local contexts

Call for volunteers who are equipped with the skills required to address the identified needs. Health professionals - Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical staff. Educators, counselors. Coordinators, health promoters.

Skilled and empowered teachers

Through our focus on community education, we are able to instill among our communities a proactive attitude towards healthcare. Through follow-up events and meetings with community promoters, we are able to achieve a lasting health impact.