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Nepal is a small landlocked country in Southeast Asia, and is north of the Himalayan mountain range. Nepalese culture is one of art, music, traditional dances, and various language groups. The majority of Nepalese people practice Hinduism, but other major religions include Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism. Nepalese culture is very spiritual, with both Hindus and Buddhists believe in salvation and reincarnation. There are many ancient and unique traditional dances that revolve around different themes; some of which include the Tandava dance, which is thought to be related to Lord Shiva, the Dishka dance, which is performed at weddings, and includes intricate hand and footwork. As the majority of Nepalese people practice Hinduism, many of the religious holidays include Dipawali (the festival of lights), Holi (the festival of colors), Saraswati Puja (the coming of the Spring season).

Historically, Nepal has had one of the highest poverty rates in the world; because of COVID-19, these rates of poverty have gone up significantly. Many people have been laid off their jobs, and the unemployment rate has increased since the beginning of the year. This means that students in Nepal cannot afford the education they need. Likewise, there is also a shortage of teachers because of the unemployment caused by COVID-19. This is why Strive2Thrive Edu has taken the initiative to partner with underserved orpahanges and rural schools to provide the students the educational support they need.

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UN Sustainable Development Goal: 

For Project Nepal, Strive2Thrive Edu focuses on partnering with various institutions (UN goal 17) to promote good health and well being (UN goal three), quality education (UN goal four), and reduced inequalities (UN goal ten). Strive2Thrive Edu is working with an orphanage and a school in an underprivileged region to promote sustainable development for communities in Nepal. The first goal that Strive2Thrive Edu focuses on for Project Nepal is the goal of good health and well being. One of the classes we offer is good health and hygiene, which is especially helpful due to the recent spread of COVID-19. By providing the lessons of good health and proper hygiene, Strive2Thrive Edu is helping to stop the spread of this disease and other potentially harmful illnesses. The next goal that we focus on is the goal of quality education. Strive2Thrive Edu offers lessons to students, ranging from English to math, to good health and hygiene. Along with this, we help English teachers through vocational training to improve their lessons and the education system overall. The next goal that we focus on is the goal of reduced inequalities. By partnering with and by providing quality education for students in the underserved orphanages and rural communities of Nepal, and by helping to improve the overall education system, we are contributing to the overall success of these students in the future.