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Project Liberia

Country Profile

Liberia is a small country near the Gold Coast of Africa. It is also one of the oldest republics in Africa. It is one of the only African countries that was not subject to any colonial rule, which means that a lot of the linguistic aspect of Liberia’s culture has been preserved. There are three linguistic groups: Mande, Kwa, and Mel. The people who speak in these dialects make up most of Liberia’s population. However, the country faces rampant poverty and inadequate distribution of wealth. This leads to areas of the country facing terrible conditions for families across the country. Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world, with a 54 percent poverty rate. These students do not have easy access to computers, books, pencils, and many other academic necessities. Due to extreme poverty, many students cannot afford the luxury of education. Children and families do not have the opportunities needed to break poverty cycles and find success.

Our Service

UN Sustainable Development Goal: 

In Liberia, Strive2Thrive Edu works towards the sustainable development of Liberian orphans. Through our partnership with a local orphanage in Liberia, we are able to provide them with the educational support they need (UN sustainable development goal seventeen). Strive2Thrive Edu strives to provide them with the academic support they need to bolster their academic career and to provide them with an understanding of English, Maths, and other necessary subjects to continue their educational journey (UN sustainable development goal four). By providing them with tutoring, Strive2Thrive Edu contributes to the reduction of large poverty cycles that plague the country. The children in the orphanage are given the support they need to be successful and continue their academic journey into the future. Through this initiative, we reduce the inequalities that have suppressed these children’s opportunities in the past (UN sustainable development goal 10).