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Country Profile

Kenya is the 48th largest country in the world, with over 47 million people. It has one of the largest economies in Africa, meanwhile also a land of rich cultures and traditions. With 62 languages being spoken all over Kenya, it shows how multicultural and multilingual Kenya is. Kenya has a rich cultural heritage; various ethnic groups in Kenya have different varieties of languages/dialects, cuisines, and traditional beliefs. Even though Kenya is rich both culturally and economically, there is inadequate social welfare, which is reflected through the high poverty rate of around 38%. Many people in Kenya do not have the proper access to essential techniques such as smartphones, and more importantly, computers. Especially during a time when schools have been closing, technology such as smartphones and laptops are essential for children to continue school online. The high rates of diseases such as HIV and AIDS, and in recent times, COVID-19, means that more orphans are being born in Kenya. The lack of general education and general well-being has led to the issue of highly contagious diseases; COVID-19 among them. There are many orphanages where children are not receiving the proper education they need to reach their goals.

Our Service

UN Sustainable Development Goal: 

Strive2Thrive Edu is happy to cover five of the UN’s sustainable development goals for Project Kenya. The first goal that we focus on is goal three, which relates to good health well-being. One of the classes that we teach relates to health and hygiene, which is necessary, especially at a time like this, since it helps to slow the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, the overall well-being of people is emphasized. The second goal that we focus on is goal number four, which relates to quality education. In Kenya, we help refugees and orphans in Nairobi through a learning center and a mentoring program to help them pass their GCSE (The General Certificate of Secondary Education) final exams. We provide many classes such as Computer Science, Biology, Chess, Health and Hygiene, and Leadership. This leads to the next goal that we focus on: goal number ten, which relates to reduced inequalities. The refugees who we work with are a part of a lower socio-economic cohort. Meaning that they usually would not be able to receive the quality education that the people of higher socioeconomic status would receive. Therefore, why Strive2Thrive Edu emphasizes the importance of quality education for all, where we deliver the online classes to the people who need them. The next goal that we emphasize is goal number 16, which relates to peace, justice, and strong institutions. By bringing education to underdeveloped areas, our various initiatives push communities to a more academic, peacefully inclined nature. We also emphasize the goal of peaceful partnerships (goal 17); by partnering with local orphanages and community/refugee centers, we can establish a better education throughout Kenya.