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Project Jamaica

Country Profile

Jamaica is a small, island-sized country in the Caribbean. Most of Jamaica’s landscape includes large mountains, which cover most of the length of the country.  The largest mountain ranges are the Blue Mountains, named because of a blue haze that can be seen near the mountains. Jamaica’s ethnic composition includes those of African, European, Middle Eastern, Chinese, East Indian, and many more people of a great variety of ethnicities. Freedom of religion exists in Jamaica’s constitution. However, most people belong to one of many Christian denominations. For the longest time, one of Jamaica’s economic bases have been agriculture and crop based, with its biggest exports being sugar canes. Another economic basis is the manufacturing industry; mainly producing foods, textiles, and metal products. Though Jamaica is small in size, its education system is well funded and well-rounded. That’s not to say, however, that the whole country’s education system is this way. There are still many children who are not receiving the same education as the majority of other children.

Our Service

UN Sustainable Development Goal: 

For Project Jamaica, we strongly coincide with the UN sustainable development goals. The fundamental basis for our organization is quality education for all, which perfectly correlates with UN sustainable goal number 4. We provide free, quality English lessons to young students in a boys children’s home. Many of these children do not go to school due to lack of funding in the area that they live. These children can speak English very well, but have a bit of trouble reading and writing it. By partnering with educational institutes such as the one we have partnered with in Jamaica (coinciding with UN goal 17), we can effectively help these students master their English skills and be successful in the future. We can also help close the inevitable education gap that exists not only in Jamaica, but also throughout the world through our partnerships (reducing inequalities, coinciding with goal 10). Through our strong partnerships and our tutoring of underserved children, we effectively encourage peaceful relations with anyone and everyone we partner with (UN goal 16).