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Country Profile

Honduras, the second-largest country in Central America, is known for its beautiful national parks and its drinks, such as Honduran coffee. Though Honduras has quite a high rate of poverty, it is still a beautiful country with various exotic wildlife and is a place with a variety of staple dishes. Though Honduras is rich with culture and has a beautiful view of nature, the country still has a high poverty rate, and nearly half of the people do not know how to read or write. As COVID-19 becomes more and more prominent, this rate of poverty is ever-increasing. People are losing their jobs, and children cannot go to school. This absenteeism is causing students to lose crucial educational time when they most need it. Teacher absenteeism for many children across the country creates academic disparities that hinder the growth of communities and obstructs generational success. 

Our Service

UN Sustainable Development Goal: 

Strive2Thrive works towards four sustainability development goals in Honduras, quality education, gender equality, reduced inequalities, and partnership for the achievement of the four sustainability development goals. The Learning Center is located in a rural town in the Honduras mountains. Regarding sustainability development goals four and seventeen, Strive2Thrive Edu has partnered with The Learning Center and various orphanages to provide elementary level students with the English and Science curriculum they are missing from their schools. Strive2Thrive Edu is working to provide quality tutors to fill the role of the teachers due to their increased shortage. To ensure that every student gets equal access to a more prosperous future, we are working on sustainable development goal number four to ensure every child’s success. Meanwhile, Strive2Thrive Edu also works on bridging gender disparities (goal five) by serving underprivileged girls and tutoring them with classes such as English, Maths, Science, and History, Arts, Business, and Leadership. We hope to empower these girls to become capable leaders in their community.