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Country Profile

Ghana is a country of much natural beauty and a rich culture with a plethora of dances and music. Different dances and music are performed based on the location and/or the event. For instance, ethnic music is played at festivals and sometimes at funerals, highlife music is a mix of traditional and Western music, and choral music, which is performed at Churches or concert halls. Different dances are also performed based on the event; celebrations, worshipping a deity, or storytelling. One aspect of Ghanian culture that makes it stand out from other cultures is the people. The people of Ghana are very friendly and emphasize the idea of treating everybody with respect and to take life at a more relaxed pace and to enjoy life to its fullest. This shows as Ghana was ranked the most peaceful country in Africa by the Global Peace Index. Though Ghana is filled with rich culture and a laid-back way of life, there are many natural, economic, and social problems facing the country. The country faces issues like unemployment, poverty, corruption, inflation that hurts families and students. Students across the country are losing access to education and the tools they need to continue their education. One example of the lack of tools is that only 7.9 percent of students have some household device. In part, due to the COVID-19 crisis, increasing amounts of students are not getting the income needed to support a successful education.

Our Service

UN Sustainable Development Goal: 

In Ghana, our organization works towards four UN sustainability development goals that contribute to the development of a more sustainable and peaceful future for all people in Ghana. The UN Sustainability include ending poverty (1), increasing access to quality education (4), reducing inequalities (10), and partnering for increasing ability to work on these goals (17). We partner with organizations, underdeveloped communities, and orphans throughout Ghana to give them the resources they need to be successful (goal 17). Strive2Thrive Edu also provides food and educational resources to students and children in underserved, poverty-stricken areas. Our donations offer students the resources they need to be academically successful in the future and end the poverty that millions of families struggle with (goal 4). These means contribute to the improvements in education for all students and reduce the wealth gaps that are visible in the country (goal ten). Additional means to combat inequality include tutoring in subjects like sportsmanship, peace, and law to inspire students to go into any field they want. Our classes and initiatives build a stronger-resilient future for communities throughout Ghana that are more peaceful and academically inclined.