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Fiji is a part of a cluster of around 300 islands, called the archipelago. These islands were formed due to volcanic eruption millions of years ago. However, the country itself was formed relatively recently, in 1970. Because of this, the country of Fiji has not become a fully developed country, with tourism and agriculture being the main economic boosters for the country, where every year, close to 900,000 people visit there. Though primary education is not required of children in Fiji, more than 85% of students between the ages of six to 13 attend primary schools, and though the literacy rate is moderately high, with a 91.6% literacy rate, there are still many students in Fiji who are not getting the education they need from their schools. Distance learning along with in-person learning is an option in Fiji, which means that students taking classes with Strive2Thrive Edu will feel right at home with online lessons from our high quality tutors.

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UN Sustainable Development Goal: 

In Fiji, Strive2Thrive Edu has formed a strong partnership with an underserved children’s home. Because this children’s home is not receiving enough funding, the children here are not able to receive the education they need to be successful in the future. They also do not receive the same quality of education as the students from better funded schools do. This is why Strive2Thrive Edu has partnered with this children’s home to provide free, quality education to ensure the success of the students. Our initiative corresponds to UN sustainable development goals 4, 10, and 17.  Strive2Thrive Edu also provides equal opportunities to both men and women, and provides technical and career training to them. Today’s world is mainly technology driven, which is why Strive2Thrive Edu helps to educate people to reduce the digital and academic divide in underserved areas (UN sustainable development goal 5 and 10). By ensuring that communities are more academically oriented, we are ensuring that peaceful communities and relations are created (UN sustainable development goal 16).