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Ethiopia is one of the world’s oldest countries, which means that it is rich with ancient cultures and traditions, with over 86 indigenous languages. Ethiopia is also the largest country, both in size and population, on “The Horn of Africa.” Though Ethiopia is a large country with a large population, it is also a country with a lot of poverty, which means that many children cannot afford to go to school. Even those who are able to go to school face the problem of a large wealth disparity. This means that the schools in the poorer areas do not get nearly as much funding as the schools (and other public buildings) in the wealthier areas. This is a problem because if children of lower-income areas do not get the same educational quality as that of children in wealthier areas, large socio-economic disparities are created in the future, trapping people into a cycle of poverty.

Our Service

UN Sustainable Development Goal: 

Strive2Thrive Edu has partnered with an orphanage in Ethiopia to provide the education that children are not receiving from their schools (goal 17). We teach English, Maths, Science, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, coding, debate, and many other classes to these children, and they are progressing very quickly (goal four)! We can see their passion for education and academic fields growing, and are excited to bolster and fan the fire of their dreams. By providing them with an education, we can give them the resources they need to succeed in the future. Therefore, initiatives like ours reduce the wealth gaps that are prominent in Ethiopia (goal 10). Our tutors here at Strive2Thrive Edu can teach these students so much in just one session!