Strive2Thrive Edu

Who We Are and How We Work

We are a nonprofit organization that works to empower children and students around the world. We work to help underserved and underrepresented communities through various efforts. We work with many organizations around the world to implement educational programs in three main categories: academic, extracurricular, and tutoring. With these three categories, we give communities a diverse approach to education using qualified teachers to implement a well deserved quality educational experience. 

Executive Board

Miran Bhima

President &

Pranav Turlapati

Vice President &
Director Of Marketing

Mayitreya Pasumarthy

Director Of Technology Marketing

Vicky Nguyen


Vamsi Palkuri


Board of Directors

Matt Kotzen

Volunteer Management Coordinator

Eshaan Sharma

Chief Coordinator for Project India

Chelsey Nguyen

Chief Coordinator of Project Vietnam

Navya Gullapuram

Chief Coordinator of Project Myanmar